When to Use a Dehumidifier?

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Last updated: August 22, 2023
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Most people today have dehumidifiers in their homes, and you may be wondering if it’s necessary to have them. This article will show you when to use a dehumidifier and why you need it. Many things cause humidity in your home. It could be from the washing machine, baths, or steam from the kitchen when cooking. When all of this moisture begin to pile up, it has damaging effects. Your walls will bear the brunt of it, especially if you have wallpapers. You will notice your paint peel, wood will be warped, and you sense a musty smell around the house. You can prevent all these from happening if you have a  dehumidifier Trusted Source Six reasons you may need a dehumidifier - The Washington Post Do your basement walls sweat and do your Lucky Charms go stale? This could help. www.washingtonpost.com . It removes the moisture stored indoors. It is good to have it in your home. It will help purify the air making it comfortable for you and your family.

Do you need a dehumidifier?

When the humidity level is high in your living space, it can be uncomfortable for you and your family. You will need a dehumidifier all the time whether during the winter or summer. You can use them in your basement, living room, and even your office. If you have a very large space, some dehumidifiers can work well in large spaces, like the homeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier that covers up to

4,500 Sq. Ft. If you are wondering whether or not to get a dehumidifier, here are some tips to help you know when you need to use a dehumidifier.

Musty Smell or Mold

You may notice some mold indoors or a musty smell when there is a lot of humidity around you. Molds only surface in a humid environment, like bathrooms and basements. If you are sensitive, you won’t stay around a place where a mold is growing. Even if it is just a small growth, it would be uncomfortable. If you want to keep the humidity in your home under control, you will need a humidifier.


Another telltale sign that indicates you need a humidifier is when you notice your window is foggy. If there are drops of water on your windows, it is a sign that the place is humid. The moisture causes condensation on the corners of your window. If you ignore it, that would only make things worse. Your window frames will begin to rot, and mold will develop. Eventually, you may end up having to spend money fixing new windows. You can avoid all of these damages when you have a dehumidifier. You can get a good dehumidifier at a great price, and it will cost a lot less than fixing your house as a result of humidity.

You Will Feel It

Your body can always sense when there is a problem in your environment. When the humidity level is high, you will feel cold and moist. Most of the time, you will find yourself sneezing and not because of cold. When you notice these signs, it means you need a dehumidifier. The cold symptoms will cease as soon as you deal with the real issue. There are many good brands of dehumidifiers that can help get rid of the moisture in your home. There are good brands you can get. You can check out reviews online to know the right dehumidifier that would meet your needs.

Using a Dehumidifier in summer

Knowing when to run a dehumidifier is also very important. Dehumidifiers will serve their purpose, whether it’s winter or summer. The summer, with its warm temperature, is usually a time when the humidity level is high. It is very harmful to your health being around high humidity during the summer. The hot summer packs heat, whether during the day or at night. You will notice you sweat a lot because of the  heat Trusted Source Does using a dehumidifier help to reduce heating costs? | Environment | The Guardian Dehumidifiers use electricity to extract moisture from indoor air helping to minimise damp www.theguardian.com .

It may seem logical to open the windows to allow fresh air inside. Still, instead, you will get more hot air coming in. Having a dehumidifier during the summer is a priority, especially if you want to enjoy a comfortable day and sleep well at night. If you feel the dehumidifier will make your skin dry, you can turn it on for a few hours every day.

Using a Dehumidifier in winter

Dehumidifiers also serve their purpose during the cold season. The winter is always a moist period, and it is when you have to tackle mold. They survive in wet places, and this is one problem you will face during the winter. If you live in a cold area, you will need a dehumidifier to control the humidity. It is a bad idea to open the windows in winter because you would only be giving room for more moisture. There is a challenge with using a dehumidifier during the winter.

The cold will prevent the dehumidifier from working properly indoors and will likely freeze up. If you want to make sure that you have a working dehumidifier during the winter, you will need it to run at the same time as your heater. You don’t need always to have your heater turned on throughout the day. It will cost you high energy bills, and there will be a lot of heat indoors. Instead, you can turn it on for a few hours in the day along with your dehumidifier.

Final Thoughts

You will need a dehumidifier running in your home if you want to live in a comfortable place. They are not limited to your home alone; you can use a dehumidifier in any place. High humidity is very harmful to you, and it would affect your home. Getting a dehumidifier is important for every home. It will help preserve your health and also prevent mold from infesting your home. Now that you know when to use a dehumidifier, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. There are good dehumidifiers in the market today. Most homeowners have rated the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier as one of the best. You need to get a dehumidifier that works well and effectively get out all the moisture in your home or office.


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Do your basement walls sweat and do your Lucky Charms go stale? This could help.
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Dehumidifiers use electricity to extract moisture from indoor air helping to minimise damp
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