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Our portal will comprehensively explain everything you wanted to know about the right humidification, purification, ionization, and dehumidification of the air in your home or office. With us, you’ll learn what temperature and humidity level are optimal for your house depending on your location, and which device will solve your home climate problem, whatever it is.
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All You Need to Know About Home Climate

HVAC Metrics Calculators
HVAC Metrics Calculators
Helping you understand HVAC metrics and calculate optimal ones for you
HVAC Certification
HVAC Certification
Learn what you need to become an HVAC engineer
Air Quality Index
Air Quality Index
Learn how polluted the air is in your area today
 Video reviews
Video reviews
In-detail product reviews from our experts
How to & DIY
How to & DIY
Instructions, guides, and recommendations
Product ratings
Product ratings
Lists of the greatest products our experts managed to find

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And just like you, we have homes, families, pets, and allergies. We love comfort and want to stay healthy. And, also, we know about home climate a bit more than most people do. So, being professionals, we feel obliged to share our knowledge.

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Richard Powell
For 8 years, Richard had been working as an HVAC specialist and AC unit installer since his student years. Now, he’s our main consultant on every technical aspect that may arise during our tests and research.
Cynthia Woods
Cynthia is a professional writer and journalist as well as our Editor in Chief here, at HVACLifeHack. Apart from writing and reading, she’s fond of cooking for her family and friends.

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